3Below Theater in Downtown San Jose is Your One-Stop Shop for Entertainment- Feature Films, Retro/Cult Classics, Live Shows, Comedy, and Even a Fabulous Drag Brunch!

Lucia Nichols

There is only one theater remaining in downtown San Jose, but 3Below theaters is ready to accept that challenge. They are a true one-stop-shop for entertainment with something for everyone. Feature films, retro films and cult classics, live shows, comedy, and even a drag brunch!
In September of 2017, Guggenheim Entertainment leveraged three decades of success as a theatrical production company to renovate, rebrand, and revitalize what was Camera 3 Cinemas in Downtown San Jose.  GE led the redevelopment of the venue and reopened as 3Below Theaters in January, 2018, thus integrating Guggenheim Entertainment’s award-winning programs along with partners Cinequest and San Jose Playhouse.
A dynamic entertainment destination, 3Below Theaters & Cafe serves as another jewel in San Jose’s crown for accessible, quality “third place” experiences.  By creating a space that is inviting, intriguing, and includes a myriad of programs, GE invigorates the Downtown San Jose gem and gives visitors a unique experience from the moment they walk into the facility.  When guests exit the three fully themed theaters and head into the creatively themed lobby, they are greeted by caring and capable staff and find themselves always impressed by the commitment to ensure quality customer service for every aspect of the venue.
Take advantage of 3.5 hours of validated parking and come see the live shows.  There is a 5-musical professional show series along with live events for all ages.  And take advantage of 2 movie theaters where first-run movies are shown year-round.  Didn’t have time to eat before coming to the theater?  No problem.  There is an extensive menu of food and beverages, along with, of course, delicious popcorn.
If you enjoy movies and live theater, great food and drink, 3Below Theaters is the place for you. Check out their line-up now, click here!

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