More New Restaurants in Downtown San Jose

Speaking of new restaurants in downtown San Jose, Sal Pizarro wrote a nice short piece in his column in the San Jose Mercury about the new restaurants over at San Pedro Square. The restaurants that have recently opened in San Pedro Square and brought back some new life into the area include Los Gatos Brewing Co., The Mmoon Empanadas, and most recently LaPinata Mexican Restaurant. These new eateries join other food and bar establishments in San Pedro Square such as The Old Spaghetti Factory, 71 Saint Peter, Peggy Sue’s, Sonoma Chicken Coop, and The Old Wagon Saloon and Grill. And we’re are one of many people in downtown San Jose anxiously awaiting the opening of the San Pedro Square Market (aka the Urban Market). We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the San Pedro Square Market will be opening this spring. San Pedro Square is conveniently located in downtown San Jose just down the street from City Heights, downtown San Jose’s first high rise complex, and around the corner from Axis, the downtown San Jose luxury condo community.

Los Gatos Brewing Co. 163 W. Santa Clara Street San Pedro Square in Downtown San Jose (408) 292-9928 The Mmoon Empanadas 177 W. Santa Clara Street San Pedro Square in Downtown San Jose (408) 999-0288 LaPinata Mexican Restaurant 17 N. San Pedro Street San Pedro Square in Downtown San Jose (408) 280-1250

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