New Housing Tower Could Go Next to Google's Proposed Village in San Jose

Plans for an 11-story housing high-rise that includes affordable units are being considered near Google's proposed transit village. According to city public documents, the project aims to add 80 units to the area, situated on a parcel at 101 Delmas Avenue. This development site holds a significant location advantage, positioned across the street from Google's anticipated transit-oriented neighborhood near the SAP Center and Diridon train station.

Google's proposed transit village encompasses an array of amenities, including office buildings, homes, shops, restaurants, hotel facilities, open spaces, cultural loops, and entertainment hubs. Currently, the exact timeline for the transit village remains uncertain due to a reassessment by Google and current pause on the build out.

Notably, this new development is situated near the Adobe campus. The project would mean that the Delmas Market, Imperio Taqueria, and an adjacent surface parking lot would be replaced. Ownership of the compact 0.2-acre site rests with Paramjit Kaur and Surinder Singh, as indicated by Santa Clara County assessment records, though it remains to be seen whether they will spearhead the high-rise development upon approval from San Jose city officials.

The proposed development aligns with the provisions of SB 330, a state law that enables a streamlined review process. Plans submitted to city officials reveal that the project would consist mainly of studio units, with approximately 64 units designated as market-rate and 16 units set aside as affordable housing for low-income residents. Furthermore, a retail space of approximately 1,300 square feet is planned for the ground floor, right at the corner of West San Fernando and Delmas.

The area surrounding Google's transit village footprint has captured the attention of numerous developers, who recognize the immense potential despite the timeline reassessment. With ongoing construction of multiple residential projects in the vicinity and others in the planning or approval stages, the future of downtown San Jose has the potential to witness a vibrant transformation.

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