360 Residences to Go Rental?

It may not be new news but the story about 360 Residences switching from for-sale condos to apartments for rent is still making news. Local television station CBS5 ran a piece on tv last night about the possibility of the downtown San Jose high rise 360 Residences converting into rentals. You can read more about the piece on the CBS5 site. The 206-unit luxury downtown high rise tower experienced construction cost overruns and ran into a poor real estate economy when it was slated to open. The high rise condo tower located in the SoFA district in downtown San Jose, 360 Residences marketed itself to be the top of the line in luxury high rise living. Now instead of being a downtown high rise condo tower alongside Axis, The 88, and City Heights, 360 Residences stands to become a downtown high rise apartment building. Read more about 360 Residences on the CBS5 site. There was also an accompanying radio segment.360 Residences (Three Sixty Residences) 360 S. Market Street Downtown San Jose

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