Today’s Happy Hour Cocktail Inspired by the U.S. Open – Try the Signature Drink!

Lucia Nichols

As we head into the weekend, it is almost time to unwind with a happy hour cocktail! I for one am feeling especially inspired by the U.S. Open and the event’s signature cocktail, the Honey Deuce. The Kentucky Derby has the Mint Julep, Wimbledon has the Pimm’s Cup, and for the U.S. Open, it’s the Honey Deuce. This drink has been all over social media since the start of the tournament. The name is a play on the tie score of 40-40 known in tennis as “deuce” as well as the tennis ball-esque honeydew melon balls that garnish the drink. This cocktail is said to be a delicious and refreshing experience consisting of a mix of vodka, lemonade, and raspberry liqueur. To try it out for yourself, follow the instructions below! Enjoy 😊
1 1/4 oz. Grey Goose vodka
3 oz. Fresh squeezed lemonade
1/2 oz. Chambord or premium raspberry liqueur
Crushed ice
Frozen honeydew melon balls for garnish
  1. Fill a chilled highball glass with ice and add Grey Goose vodka.
  2. Top with lemonade and then add Chambord.
  3. Garnish with skewer of honeydew melon balls (note: place honeydew melon in freezer beforehand. Then, to create melon balls, use a melon baller).

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